Modern Fireplace Design for Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Modern Fireplace Design for Indoor Outdoor Fireplace

Indoor outdoor fireplace. What else other things that can give better warm treatment for body and house atmosphere in cold season except fireplace. Fireplace really helps to make body warm while the rain or winter down outside. Besides of its function as body and room warmer, it also has function as focal center area in a house. Moreover, fireplace is not only designed for indoor, but it is also design for outdoor living tow warm your body outside. It does not mean that you have to display two kinds of fireplace; indoor and outdoor, but in this case, you will get double function of one fireplace. This is a kind of creative and innovative fireplace of modern style.

The design of this functional fireplace for indoor and outdoor is made in transparent glass screen that can be seen through inside or outside. So, this fireplace connects your main room to your backyard or balcony. To make you a clear description, here you go the detail explanation. For example, you install the gas logs fireplace on the living room wall which is covered with glass screen and the wall is actually connected with your backyard wall. Then, the fireplace will definitely be seen on the backyard as well. Indoor outdoor fireplace will work like that. It will look like share the warmth.

There are actually two types of fireplace you can set for indoor and outdoor. The first one is as mentioned above, the walling fireplace with glass screen. The burning system of this type is actually variants. It can be gas logs burning, wooden burning or glass rocks burning. Meanwhile, there is also portable fireplace that can be move whether indoor or outdoor. Indoor outdoor fireplace will give you flexibility in order to warm your body. Hope, it will give you inspiration in decorating a house with fireplace.

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